Grants and Incentives



We advise on obtaining subsidies for research and development (R&D), production and environmental projects from national (EU Funds) and European funds (European Commission programs) .

We support entrepreneurs in the entire process from the decision to apply for subsidies, through their acquisition, to settlement and verification of the correct running of the subsidised project.

We specialise in:

  • EU funds (e.g. FENG, FENIKS, FERS, FERC, Eastern Poland, Regional Programs),
  • International programs (e.g. EIC Accelerator, EUREKA),
  • Government Grant (Program for the support of investments of significant importance for the Polish economy for 2011-2030).

We offer:

  • analysis of the company's activities in terms of the potential to benefit from funding,
  • preparation of a strategy for applying for subsidies and their accumulation with tax reliefs,
  • preparation of the necessary documentation to apply for financing,
  • support in contacts with institutions deciding on awarding grants,
  • training of employees in the field of project implementation compliant with the financing rules,
  • assistance in settlement of the project for which the grant was obtained,
  • conducting an audit (including a compulsory audit for projects above PLN 3 million) and control of the financed project.

Our experts: