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Polish investment zone


Polish Investment Zone, Special Economic Zone

Thanks to the Polish Investment Zone (PSI), entrepreneurs can apply for income tax (CIT/PIT) exemption for investments in any location in Poland of up to 70% of the value of the investment made.

Previously similar mechanism was available only in specific parts of Poland - Special Economic Zones (SEZ).

  • We support our clients in all types of investments - manufacturing, services and research and development,
  • We work with both the SME sector and large international entities,
  • We know how to combine tax exemption under PSI with other tax and subsidy instruments (e.g. R&D relief, government grant, grants from EU Funds),
  • We help to properly calculate tax exemption.

We offer:

  • Verification of the possibility of obtaining a tax relief,
  • Analysis of costs and benefits of joining the PSI,
  • Comprehensive support in the process of applying for support under the PSI,
  • Preparation of applications for individual tax interpretations,
  • Audit of activities within the PSI/SEZ ,
  • Identification of the pool of eligible investment costs,
  • Training in accounting for income tax exemption,
  • Accounting for state aid (discounting of state aid and costs, allocation of activities to exempt /taxable activities, reporting to the SEZ, etc.).

Our experts: