Grants and Incentives

Tax incentives


We provide complex support in implementing tax incentives. We help to identify areas of client’s activity which allow to generate tax savings and we secure safe implementation of preferential tax settlements.

We have successfully realized dozens of projects in the area of tax incentives. We help to implement mainly the following incentives:

R&D relief

The R&D relief allows up to 200% of eligible costs incurred for research and development activities to be deducted from the tax base. Eligible costs include e.g. employees’ salaries, raw materials and depreciation. It is available for all entrepreneurs conducting R&D activities regardless of the size of their company.

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Relief for innovative employees

This relief is kind of “add on” to R&D tax relief. Taxpayers whose employees spend more than 50% of their time on R&D activities can benefit by decreasing their tax obligation related to salaries.

IP Box

IP Box is intended to encourage to develop intellectual property (IP) and to register it in Poland. Companies that meet the requirements to benefit from the IP BOX relief may benefit from a tax preference, i.e. taxation (CIT/PIT) of 5%. This applies to income from intellectual property rights that have been created, developed or improved as part of R&D activities.

Relief for robotization

The relief for robotisation gives the possibility to educt additional 50% of qualified costs related to investments in robotisation regardless of the size and type of industry. The purpose of introducing the relief is to popularize production automation solutions, thereby reducing production costs and modernizing the economy.

Prototype relief

When launching a new product to the market or starting trial production of a new product, it is possible to take advantage of the prototype relief which allows to deduct additional 30% of production costs from the tax base.

CSR relief

Taxpayers active in the field of CSR may benefit from additional deduction of 50% of costs incurred for sport, cultural or educational activity.

Expansion relief

Double deduction of costs is available when taxpayers incur them in order to increase sales of their products. Qualifying costs include costs of trade fairs, promotional and informational activities, adaptation of packaging to customers’ needs, certification of products and registration of trademarks and tender documentation preparation. One of conditions to benefit from the relief is increase of sales in consecutive 2 tax year.

Our services related to implementation of tax incentives may include:

  • relief implementation assessment, especially identification of activities entitling to benefit from the relief, e.g. research and development activity,
  • identification of qualifying costs,
  • preparation and application for a tax ruling,
  • preparation of relief calculation,
  • preparation of internal documentation,
  • training related to relief settlements,
  • application for tax refund.