International settlements

Tax regulations impose a number of obligations related to international transactions on taxpayers. This applies to both VAT, in particular for international transactions (intra-community delivery of goods, export), and income taxes, in particular for cross-border payments (WHT - withholding tax).

Current wording of the regulations and practice of the authorities are quite rigorous, and the formal and documentation deficiencies or the lack of due diligence on your part may result in significant tax arrears and even personal liability.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of this type of project and we offer:

  • analysis of your business in terms of international transactions and related tax obligations;
  • preparation / collection of documentation allowing for the application of the 0% VAT rate;
  • verification of the status of the payee as beneficial owner and preparation / collection of documentation confirming that you have performed due diligence;
  • requesting a protective opinion for WHT purposes;
  • preparation of relevant statements related to WHT;
  • conducting proceedings for the refund of overpaid tax - both in terms of VAT and with regard to withholding tax.